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April 7, 2017

Is Ibogaine a Cure?

We get a lot of people visiting our retreat center looking for healing and relief from some sort of ailment – addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD and other physical/mental diseases, and while we have seen a lot of success, we have also seen people return home without having made much, if any, progress. Iboga does have incredible potential for healing but it is NOT a cure – for anything! We want to see people come here and grow from the experience, integrate it into their lives and be healthier and happier as a result, so I am writing this article with the intention to help inform those interested in iboga as a treatment method so they may be better prepared coming into the experience for healing.

Ibogaine is NOT a Cure

First things first, ibogaine is not a cure for anything. Ibogaine does not cure addiction, depression, or PTSD, or anxiety or anything. It is not a miracle drug. Of course the first step is to recognize whatever it is that is causing negative effects in your life and to want healing and relief from those things, but you have to be willing to put in the work to get it and oftentimes, that means A LOT of work. It does not mean that you are going to go to another country for a week or so, take iboga once, go back to your life exactly the way it was and be cured of whatever your ailment was. It is not quite that simple, as life rarely is. It is so important to realize that ibogaine, on its own, does not fix anything. What ibogaine can do, is allow for a shift in your perception, allow you a different way of looking at the things that contributed to your addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD or whatever it is, and find a different way of responding to your current situation and to life in general.

Make Changes

Perceptions create our reality. Since iboga can alter our perceptions, it can thus completely change the reality of our lives. This, in my opinion, has the biggest impact on the ability to heal through iboga ceremonies. But in order to experience lasting results, each individual needs to find a way to use and integrate those new perceptions to make changes in their lives as well as implementing new ways to maintain and advance positive mental health. . For me, iboga did not cure me of my depression or addiction, it opened a door that let me glimpse the world through the eyes of a future self that was not inhibited by depression or addiction to see that life could be beautiful but it takes WORK.

The point is – iboga offers you an opportunity – NOT A CURE. It is up to each individual what they do with that opportunity. Too often we see people at the end of a retreat feeling great and optimistic – feeling ‘cured’ – but when we check in a few weeks later, the symptoms have started creeping back in, and they’re finding it harder to connect to the things they learned in their experience because they got caught up with life. This is why it is so incredibly important to make immediate changes when you get home – Iboga can not do the work for you. It can give you a lot of tools, but its up to each individual to take responsibility for their own life and happiness once they arrive home. My suggestion would be to implement some kind of routine that keeps you grounded and will advance your health both physically and mentally such as exercising (known to do incredible things from depression) yoga, meditation, reading (Elkhart Tole – The Power of Now did helps us stay in the present). Also follow up with Brian Murphy, our integration specialist who can help you adjust back into your life after such a powerful experience.

Take Responsibility

BUY VOACANGA AFRICANA SEEDS ONLINEUltimately, only you are responsible for your own health and happiness and making the necessary changes to your life after iboga. The emphasis of this article is to help people realize that taking a week from their lives and participating in iboga ceremonies will not, of its own, cure them of anything. If you are considering a retreat for healing, please be aware and prepare yourself for long and difficult journey that lies ahead. The many articles you read, you’ll see that personal stories of success came with some serious life changes. While iboga is an incredible, amazing, powerful, healing medicine that can change lives, it is not a cure.

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