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Voacanga africana is a small tree from Africa that can become 6 meters tall. The active compounds in Voacanga africana are voacangine and voccamine.



Buy Voacanga africana Caps

Buy Voacanga africana Caps . Voacanga africana is a small tropical tree. The bark and seeds contain voacamine and voacangine, which are chemically related to ibogaine. It’s therefore sometimes used as an iboga substitute, although the effects are not completely similar.

In Africa the voacanga seeds (available separately) are traditionally used to produce visions, the root bark is used as a hunting drug and stimulant. It’s also reported to be a potent aphrodisiac.

Effects –

When ingested, Voacanga africana causes a mild to strong stimulation lasting several hours. Higher doses have a strong hallucinogenic effect.

Usage – Buy Voacanga africana Caps

It’s possible to make a tea or infusion from 10- 15 grams of the root bark or powder. As African medicine men keep their knowledge secret, little is known about traditional preparation methods.


Erowid reports the root bark contains 5-10% active alkaloids. These are indole alkaloids of the iboga type, the principal alkaloid being voacamine. Other reported alkaloids are voacangine, vobtusine, amataine, akuammidine, tabersonine and coronaridine.


Voacamine works as a heart tonic, and can cause hypertension in high doses. It’s also a depressant on the central nervous system.

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Voacanga africana Caps



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