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It’s funny. I don’t even remember how I found Iboga, or you, but the gift I have received is something I wish every person in the world could feel. In my visions, I stood above the world, looked down and saw millions of people walking on city streets, driving, talking on cell phone and I heard an endless “go, go, go, go, go, go….” I yelled down to them and said “Wait a minute. Look up here! Look at this! Stop!” Iboga is Gift from God and I don’t know why it has not been given to the world, to heal and move forward. I never knew…



USA at iboga-ibogaine.com

Thank you Iboga World supporting me in part of my healing journey. The experience and results I got from you`re iboga where wonderful, I am full of confidence and dont feel afraid as I used to. I’m no longer addicted to my destructive habits, I can make a clean start. Iboga is not a magic pill, you have to do the healing, iboga allows you to do the change to a life of taking care of yourself and others.. It is wonderful to have Iboga World staff on the other side of the internet, I trust their product and they’re services! I felt cared for and loved. Than kyou than kyou thank you



UK at iboga-ibogaine.com

Thank you for making this possible! You are awesome! I am very happy with your customer service and delivery of the product. Your source is good quality, much gratitude to you and the Iboga MARKET You are all a blessing =.) I know I will be working with this beautiful spirit in my life, so I look forward to my future journeys when the time is right. With Love & Light,


Mandella Nyla

Brazil at iboga-ibogaine.com

I just wanted to thank you for your website. I found it a very helpful source of information.



JAPAN at iboga-ibogaine.com

I am so happy with your shipment. Get in touch with me and I’ll place a larger order. Your rootbark is the freshest and most wonderful smelling stuff of any I have seen.


Anita Bhat

INDIA at iboga-ibogaine.com

Hi, Just wanted to say thank you to everyone. Microdosing worked great + am in much better place now. Cheers



UKRAINE at iboga-ibogaine.com

received the package! thank you so much brother! i really need this second chance at life sending my love and respect,.


Julia Western

FRANCE at iboga-ibogaine.com

thank you so much for all of your help. I’ll be needing more The product worked better than anything I have taken. I didn’t even throw up. Well 12 hours later but who counts that. That could be PAWS. I never used the extract but I took all 2 grams of the HCL. Beautiful.

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